WhatsApp will start showing adds in 2019

It has been four years since Facebook bought the messaging app WhatsApp. Sooner or later, that was clearly going to affect users, and it seems the time for it has finally come.

Although WhatsApp had always promised the app would remain ad-free, the app’s privacy policy was modified after the purchase, possibly opening the door to this type of services in the future.

Last year, Brian Acton, one of WhatsApp’s cofounders, revealed that Facebook had already started thinking about using ads. Now after hearing many rumors and enjoying a nice ad-free time, Chris Daniels, WhatsApp’s Vice President, has finally announced we will start seeing ads.

There is no date yet, but from 2019 onward we will find ad videos in WhatsApp’s Statuses, just like it happens in Instagram’s Stories. Unlike Instagram, WhatsApp’s Status feature is far from being one of the app’s main features, so it pretty much falls into the background.

One of the biggest downsides of the ads will certainly be the higher data consumption in contrast to what messages with emojis, gifs and the recently added stickers hardly consume.

Luckily, most users will not be affected by this. If we do not open statuses, we will not see any ads.

Among the options the company was considering, there was the possibility of charging a rate after a set amount of messages were sent. Ads seem to be one of the less intrusive options for users.

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