Survivor Zero:

Survivor Zero is a first person, sandbox style survival-horror game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Instead of focusing on combating endless waves of zombies, Survivor Zero places emphasis on the use of creativity and logic, alongside force in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Elements of Survivor Zero:

  • Zombies
    • Classic (Slow and scary)
  • Procedurally generate environment
    • The ability to enter unique buildings as they are generated and loot them for potential supplies…or make a base of operations
    • At the moment, we are set up to generate 13.9 million square miles (36,000,000 square kilometers) of virtual untouched-by-man-but-infested-by-zombies woodland — a space about the size of the moon
  • Procedural & dynamic weather and lighting
  • Crafting unique and resourceful weapons and tools
  • Hunting and farming to feed yourself
  • Vehicles to transport yourself across the vast landscape of Survivor Zero
  • Various Game Modes
    • Hardcore and perma-death modes as well as a personalized modes for players to chose the exact difficulty they want

The idea is to be cunning over brash and irrational.  In order to survive in Survivor Zero the player will have to act in a manner that reflects the realistic scenario of being in a world where everyone is a potential enemy and that your loved ones and strangers are reanimated as dead flesh eating corpses.  This game will reflect the horrors and calamity that a person would have to struggle through in order to survive and thrive.

Our Emphasis on Gameplay:

Survivor Zero places an emphasis no time limits, plot devices, incredibly crazy or ridiculous “super zombies” & boss battles. This game is an immersive, free-roaming survival horror game where the player will have to make tough decisions from where to sleep or eat and what they will do in order to survive.  

    UNITED NATIONS INVESTIGATION - Evidence 5: Offices Shut Down Following Domestic Terrorist Attack

    Barcelona, Spain

    IENN Correspondent Elysia Torres

    Spanish authorities have locked down a five block radius surrounding the offices of Estevo Pharmaceuticals today in downtown Barcelona, following what is believed to be a domestic terrorist attack. The offices and laboratories were locked down early this morning after a biohazard alarm was tripped, an alarm specifically designed to prevent exposure of dangerous materials.

    The Estevo Pharmaceuticals laboratory in Barcelona has been a research center for various types of infectious diseases and viruses for the past several years. Estevo has devoted massive capital to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in its newest and largest office in Spain. Local law enforcement have been working closely with Estevo to develop emergency plans for just such an occasion.

    As of now it is unclear what caused the alarm to be tripped, but sources indicate that a controlled, hazardous substance may have escaped quarantine. Spanish authorities have been placed on high alert and Barcelona-El Prat Airport has been closed as a precaution, with all departing flights cancelled.

    Estevo Pharmaceuticals and federal authorities, including the CNI (Centro Nacional de Inteligencia) have refused to comment on what substances may have escaped quarantine, or how long the lockdown may last.

    Citizens of Barcelona are asked to remain indoors and report anything unusual immediately.

    Written by Christopher Sepulveda